Lawn Care

Mowing and Maintenance

Mowing and Maintenance


1. SPRING – Pre-emergent. A granular weed and crabgrass control is applied before germination with a balanced rate of slow release fertilizer to improve color and promote a dense turf. Applied mid March.

2. EARLY SUMMER – Post-emergent – A herbicide blanket spray to control broadleaf weeds and crabgrass. Applied April – May.

3. SUMMER – A balanced slow release fertilizer with iron that will help turf through summer stress periods. Maintains spring color and top growth for thickness. Herbicide spot spray included. Applied June – July.

4. LATE SUMMER / FALL – A balanced slow release fertilizer to encourage proper plant development and supply necessary nutrients for increased root growth and turf density. Applied August – September.

*(Elite program customers will receive core aeration and spot seeding at the time of this application)

5. LATE FALL / WINTERIZER – This application is one of the most important. A high nitrogen fertilizer is applied for an early spring green up. This application will help develop and maintain root structure improving plant vigor while building nutrient supply to carry lawn through dormancy and into spring. Applied October – November.

6. CORE AERATION – Core aeration can be done any time of the season, but is usually done in the spring and fall. This process removes plugs of soil and distributes them over the turf.
The benefits include: reduced thatch, soil compaction and improved air and water penetration into the soil layers resulting in new growth and increased root development.

7. OPTIONAL VEGETATION CONTROL – Controls weeds in no turf areas such as rock areas and parking lots.

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